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trifle recipe

Hawaiian Trifle

This is a post that is long over due, but it is one of my favorite things from Hawaii and I still want to share the creation with you.

While on Maui I wasn’t baking much. As many of you know it is hard to bake much of anything in an under stocked and unfamiliar kitchen. And it’s hot there. No need to have the oven on just for some cupcakes. So to avoid baking, I made a trifle using fresh fruit from around the island and a nice pound cake from the near by grocery store.

To make my trifle Hawaiian and not just tropical I got all of my fruit from the fruit stands on the side of the road. I know this doesn’t mean much, but I felt better about using that fruit then the fruit from the store.

IMG 0909 224x300 Hawaiian TrifleIMG 0913 224x300 Hawaiian TrifleIMG 0915 224x300 Hawaiian Trifle

I picked up some guavas, passion fruits, mangos, a freshly picked papaya, and some Maui Gold pineapple. You can’t have a Hawaiian Trifle with out Maui grown pineapples!

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