Boxed Brownies – BFB’s Way

As you all know, I am all for making my baked goods from scratch. But sometimes box mixes can be just as delicious.

This time I switched some things up. I decided to make the boxed mix a bit more interesting.

I added a mashed organic banana, chopped walnuts, swapped out organic virgin coconut oil for the vegetable oil, and sprinkled some chocolate chips on top.

I decided to try coconut oil in brownies because in my mind chocolate and coconut = Mounds┬álike flavor. Unfortunately (or fortunately for those that don’t like coconut!) the coconut oil doesn’t add any coconut flavor to the brownies.

I still like to use the coconut oil over vegetable oil in my brownies. Coconut oil has way more health benefits then the traditional vegetable oil.

Box Mix Brownies Boxed Brownies   BFBs Way

The little changes I made to the boxed mix turned out wonderfully. The brownie was light, but still fudgey. And it definitely felt like a sweet treat!

You can taste the banana but it is not an overwhelming banana flavor. And I thought the walnuts added a much needed texture change. And the chocolate chips are a must!

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Organic Banana Cupcakes

This weekend my roommate was going out of town and had a bunch of bananas that were starting to over ripen. She told me I could bake with them if I wanted to instead of her just throwing them away.

Of course, I took the bananas. Can you imagine me passing up the opportunity to bake?

I pulled out this recipe that I have had around forever, but never really had the chance to use.

This banana cupcake recipe is very similar to the banana cookie recipe, but not quite as hearty or chewy.

The cupcakes have a very light and fluffy texture. The banana flavor is powerful. And when paired with the sweet chocolate frosting, to die for.

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