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Maui – Days 5 to 8

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Day 5

This was another laid back day. We snorkeled, hung out, and ate.

But dinner is what I had been looking forward to. We were going next door to a little restaurant in the hotel lobby.

This place changes every time we come (but I think it is all under the same owners). This time it was Cafe O’lei. Lucky for me they were still serving my favorite onion soup.

The Cafe O’lei onion soup is made with Maui onions and a little brandy. Then top it with cheese. And finally, to top it all off, they layer some puff pastry on top and bake it to golden brown. It is seriously to die for.

The rest of the food is very good as well. We had calamari for a starter. I had blackened mahi, my mom had kalbi ribs, the BF had shrimp, and my dad had seared ahi. No one complained about their meal taste wise, but they were a little slow.

papaya salsa blackend mahi 300x224 Maui   Days 5 to 8 cafe olei short ribs 300x224 Maui   Days 5 to 8

Day 6

Thursday was by far my favorite day. We finally made the trip over to Molokai. We (my family) had been talking about doing it for 4 or 5 years.
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Maui – Days 3 & 4

This is my second post of 4 on my recent family trip to Maui.

Day 3

This was a total beach day. We woke up and had a little breakfast, my dad took off for his bike ride to Makena and we met him there for fish tacos and a little wave action.

Makena (big beach) is located near Wailea on the complete otherside of the island from Napili (where we were staying). Meaning it is overlooked by Haleakala instead of the West Maui Mountains.

Makena, in my opinion, is one of the best beaches on the island.

  • First of all, it is massive.
  • Second of all, they have an awesome little taco truck (Jawz) right at the entrance to the beach. And the ono tacos are to die for!
  • Third, the view is amazing. One of the most interesting views on the island! You can see Molokini, Lana’i, and Kaho’olawe along with a volcano, lava flows, and a crater.
  • And finally, it almost always has huge waves to play in. You do have to be a little careful playing in these waves, they can really hurt you!

everyone at makena 1024x768 Maui   Days 3 & 4

Another fun thing [Read more...]

Maui – Days 1 & 2

This past week I was a lucky girl.

My parents own a timeshare in Napili, Maui for 2 weeks every 2 years. This summer is our summer. I got a week off work, the BF and I flew home to Indy and met up with my sister’s BF, then we all flew out to Maui.

Day 1 – Saturday

I had the pleasure of seeing some of my family on my Dad’s side. Two of my cousins and my aunt were with my parents and sister the week prior to us flying out. It was wonderful to see them, and spend sometime with them before they went home.

All Saturday consisted of us playing in the waves with boogie boards, laying on the beach, and relaxing. We lucked out and had perfect weather.

IMG 0877 Maui   Days 1 & 2

That morning we walked up Pineapple Hill (Kapalua) to the Honolua Store for breakfast with the family. They have a lot of traditional hawaiian food (such as the loco moco*) and saimin. The bf and I shared a breakfast burrito with fried rice, my sister had waffles, her BF had the burrito. My cousin ordered the loco moco, and my mom the saimin. The best part about the Honolua store is that you take your food outside and look over Kapalua/Honolua Bay while eating. Beautiful scenery with amazing food.

IMG 0879 300x300 Maui   Days 1 & 2 IMG 0882 300x300 Maui   Days 1 & 2

Taken with Instagram

For my extended family’s last night we went down to Lahaina and had dinner at Captain Jack’s Island Grill. It was amazing! Everyone was satisfied  My Mom, my cousin, and myself all ordered fish tacos. My other cousin, my Aunt, and my BF ordered fish and chips. My Dad had an Ono fish sandwich, my sister had the Ono special (curry & something else…), and her BF had a burrito. [Read more...]