Chai Ice Cream {Holiday Recipe Club 6/5}

Today Holiday Recipe Club is celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubliee.

The required ingredients were tea, jam or Worcestershire sauce.

chai tea Chai Ice Cream {Holiday Recipe Club 6/5}

As you can see, I ended up going the tea route. But I was very tempted to do a homemade jam.

This chai ice cream was inspired by a black currant tea ice cream recipe in my favorite ice cream book, The Perfect Scoop.

just churned Chai Ice Cream {Holiday Recipe Club 6/5}   soft serve style Chai Ice Cream {Holiday Recipe Club 6/5}

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Gianduja Gelato #IceCreamLove

Welcome to another love bloghop! This month we are making ice cream.

As i’ve said before, David Lebovitz’s The Perfect Scoop is one of my favorite cookbooks and I never pass up a chance to use it.

His recipe for gianduja gelato has been one my list of things to make. Hazelnut and chocolate combinations are a weakness for me.

ice cream1 Gianduja Gelato #IceCreamLove

I haven’t had a chance to try real gianduja but I figured gelato couldn’t be a bad substitution.

David’s recipe calls for infusing hazelnuts in milk then using the milk in your ice cream base. Instead of doing that I decided to just use this wonderful creation called hazelnut paste.

hazelnut paste Gianduja Gelato #IceCreamLove

Have you had hazelnut paste? It’s like a deliciously sweet nut butter. Perfect for ice cream. Want to try your own hazelnut paste? Check out more information here!

The final result was similar to Ferrero Rocher chocolates or nutella… Silky, sweet with an underlying nutty flavor.

ice cream base Gianduja Gelato #IceCreamLove

Note: these bowls are perfect for storing things. The liquidy ice cream base didn’t leak at all! I have been using them for everything lately. [Read more...]

Roasted Banana Ice Cream

This week has been full of strange things.

Tornadoes, thunderstorms, and 70 degree weather….In Indiana… and it’s barely even March!

But because it felt like spring, I couldn’t resist making ice cream.

As usual there were a few over ripe bananas sitting on my counter…banana ice cream it was.

Once again, The Perfect Scoop came to my rescue with this roasted banana ice cream. Even the roasted bananas are good enough to eat by themselves.

So, instead of using those leftover bananas in a smoothie, make this ice cream!

bananas and ice cream Roasted Banana Ice Cream

Note: I had a leftover sweet and salty brownie from the test batch I made. So I chopped it up and mixed it in. This ice cream lends itself well to mix ins. 

To donate to the Indiana Tornado Disaster victims check out this page.

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Toasted Coconut Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of my favorite things to make. It’s so simple.

Make the base a night or two before you want to be eating ice cream. Prepare the ice cream maker (for me that means freeze the bowl 24 hours in advance).

Then churn away! Now you have freshly made ice cream.

Eat as is for a soft serve treat, or freeze in a covered container for a more traditional ice cream texture.

The other great thing about ice cream: the variations. There are so many different options for flavor, and so many different ways to infuse said flavor!

toasted coconut ice cream Toasted Coconut Ice Cream

This toasted coconut ice cream is one of the most intensely coconut ice creams I’ve had. Perfect for the coconut connoisseur.

While eating this I’m taken back to the scenic upcountry drive on Maui, eating freshly made coconut candy.

Escape to your own tropical paradise with this toasted coconut ice cream today!

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Guest Post with Sweets By Sillianah: Green Tea Ice Cream

Thank you, Erin, for allowing me to spread a little of the ice cream love over here at Big Fat Baker.  It’s been a pleasure getting to know Erin the past several months – she was one of the first foodie friends I met from Foodbuzz, as well as one of the first people who tried a recipe I posted.  Erin is a sweetheart and a talented baker. Thanks again for having me here! Now onto the ice cream…

If you’re familiar with my blog, then you know that I recently got my hands on the KitchenAid ice cream maker attachment.  I’ve had fun this month (which just happens to be National Ice Cream month) testing different recipes, to my husband’s delight. Honestly, it’s been so hot this last week in New York that we’re both delighted to have a frozen treat within arm’s reach!

Close Up Green Tea Ice Cream Guest Post with Sweets By Sillianah: Green Tea Ice Cream

Green tea ice cream has always been a favorite of mine – I love the slight bitter but fragrant flavor of the tea mixed with the sweetness of the sugar and cream.  It’s a natural combination – tea and milk, so even in this crazy summer heat, you can enjoy a cup of your favorite tea.

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