Apple Whoopie Pies, My First Failure

When I was planning my whoopie extravaganza I had come up with two different recipes I desperately wanted to try.

The first was the pumpkin whoopie pies - which turned out fabulous! The second was an apple whoopie pie with a fluffy caramel filling.

You can imagine my excitement when the day finally came to bake the awesome sounding apple whoopie pies.

I wanted these to turn out amazing. So I read my recipe over, made sure I had all my ingredients, and set to work.

Apple Whoopie Pie Batter 2 Apple Whoopie Pies, My First Failure

As you can see, things did not turn out as I hoped. I was so disappointed when I pulled the apple whoopie cookies out.

They were flat, ugly, and slightly crispy. These were not at all what they were supposed to be. I checked my steps, ingredients, and rechecked the recipe.

I have no idea what I did wrong. Fortunately, they still tasted pretty darn good. I skipped the frosting and we ate these in their messed up state. My friends didn’t seemed to disappointed in my little mishap icon wink Apple Whoopie Pies, My First Failure

If you are at all interested in making these, you should. The only problem I had with the recipe is they flattened too much to make into whoopie pies. They still taste great! You could always use some sort of frosting if you want to hide the appearance.

Apple Whoopies Pie Failed PICNIK Apple Whoopie Pies, My First Failure

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