Strawberry Frozen Yogurt & Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

A few weeks ago (when I made this ice cream) the 2 lb carton of strawberries were buy one get one free at my local grocery store. Since strawberries are one of our favorites, I stocked up.

We ended up eating quite a few and I froze some for smoothies, but the rest were bound to be ice cream.

Ice cream was in fact my original plan. But this frozen yogurt seemed easier and quicker. Plus, I had a few strawberry yogurts to use up.

This frozen yogurt recipe is one of my new favorites. I imagine you could make almost any fruit flavored frozen yogurt with this recipe. 

sandwiches2 Strawberry Frozen Yogurt & Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches  entire1 Strawberry Frozen Yogurt & Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

All you need is 4 ingredients: fresh fruit, yogurt, vanilla and sweetened condensed milk. Then you basically mix it all up, let it chill in the fridge, then freeze in your ice cream maker. Simple, right?

Since this frozen yogurt recipe was just that easy, I went the extra mile and made Smitten Kitchen’s chocolate cookies for ice cream sandwiches. 

Her cookies are perfect for ice cream sandwiches, not to mention super tasty on their own. Can you imagine replacing these for graham crackers in s’mores? Delish!!

So what are you waiting for? Make yourself some frozen yogurt today!

bite1 Strawberry Frozen Yogurt & Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

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  1. I made frozen yogurt before, but never with condensed milk. I don’t know why I never thought of it since I LOVE CONDENSED MILK!

    Thank you thank you thank you!!

  2. Yum! Your ice cream sounds delish!!! I never thought of using condensed milk in yogurt, love it!

  3. OMG~~ I could go for one of those right now, it’s still TOO hot here in Texas!

  4. I love how easy the frozen yogurt recipe is!
    I always thought it was far more complicated
    Thank you for sharing

    • bigfatbaker says:

      You’re welcome! I always thought it was much more complicated too. I was happy this recipe was so easy and turned out really tasty!

  5. My kids would love these as would I. It would be fun to try my hand at making them!

  6. And I just purchased an ice cream maker! Sweet! Thank you!

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