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How to Make Raspberry Curd

How to Make Organic Raspberry Curd

I have a new found passion…eating curd.

But to eat curd, I must make curd.

After making my first batch of lemon curd, I was in love. The silky smooth texture and tart flavor had me hooked. Not to mention the incredibly easy recipe!

I wondered if it was possible to make curd out of other fruits. So I did a little research, and found this recipe from BeanTownBaker.com. I made a few tweaks here and there, but the recipe is a winner.

organic raspberries How to Make Organic Raspberry Curd

I am so glad I found this recipe for raspberry curd. It is addicting. Even more so then lemon curd! If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself.

Recipe note: this does not thicken like lemon curd! If you do want to thicken it up you can whisk in some softened gelatin at the end. You could also try adding a little of the liquid gelatin you can find in the canning section at your local grocery store.


cooling curd How to Make Organic Raspberry Curd

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  1. I have been searching for inspiration what to add to chocolate tarts for an extra kick and raspberry curd is the answer. Come to think of it, this recipe would work with blueberries and other berries as well! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  2. I’d never heard of raspberry curd, but I love lemon curd and I love raspberries more than lemons so this must taste incredible.

  3. I had NO idea! How cool! I must attempt :)

  4. I love the sounds of a raspberry curd, my favorite fruit! Thanks for sharing this, definite must try.

  5. This looks amazing! I love love love it! I honestly never though of anything besides lemon and lime curd. Now I’m thinking of all the fruit possibilities… :)

  6. This looks beautiful! I will definitely have to do this in the summer when I go raspberry picking. Thanks for sharing!

  7. This sounds AMAZING! Can’t wait to try!!

    Great blog; happy I found you!

    Mary xo
    Delightful Bitefuls

  8. Wow. Raspberry? Sounds just incredible. What’s more, it uses egg yolks!! I love it, love it, love it! You’re brilliant. xxoo

  9. I, too, love curd! Have you had orange curd? YUMMY! I’ve never tried it with berries, though… that might become my next favorite. Thanks for sharing!!

    • bigfatbaker says:

      Oh my, I can only imagine the greatness that orange curd is. I will definitely be trying that soon!

  10. Great recipe! I bet this would taste amazing inside of a cupcake. Thanks for sharing. You have a beautiful blog and I’m looking forward to exploring your recipes! :)

  11. your blog itself is so addictive…i cannae keep away from it…and i love this new found passion for curds tht you’ve. thank you for the tweet tht you sent me. this recipe has to work well…

  12. Hi Erin. Came over here from Jill’s blog. Love this raspberry curd too. Raspberry is absolutely one of my favorite flavors, along with lemon. Definitely need to make this. I would have so many uses for it!

    • bigfatbaker says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I recommend making a double batch, we finished the single jar in a few days.

  13. I just found you through Jill Colonna, and I’m so glad I did! What a great site and what a great recipe!

  14. What a great recipe!

  15. this is amazing i tried making it at home and it turned out amazing and it tastes so good!!!Thanks for the recipe!!!:)

  16. This is perfect!!! I was googling Raspberry Curd and saw your blog listed…forget the big websites, I want blogs baby! :) Thanks for the recipe. This is going to be filling in a birthday cake for this weekend. You rock!


  17. Hi! Just wondering how thick this curd is? I am hoping to find a thick red curd to slather over the outside of a white chocolate mud cake that will hopefully, with some styling, look like a little red wagon. It needs to be thick enough so that it will stick to vertical sides ( if only for an hour or so). It’s for my son’s first birthday and ties in with his present. Any ideas how to thicken a curd up?

    • bigfatbaker says:

      This curd is not as thick as something like a lemon or lime curd. But I love your idea and want it to work for you!! So to thicken it up you can use some softened gelatin and whisk it in. Or (and this probably what I would do) buy the liquid gelatin packs (you can usually find it with the other canning supplies) mix a little at a time in until you get it to the right consistency. Good luck!

  18. This is SO delicious, I just wish you had told us earlier that it doesn’t thicken like lemon curd. I have been whisking for 40 + mins!! LOL

    Looking forward to making my white chocolate cupcakes with raspberry curd filling… For a wedding!
    Love to all

  19. How long will the curd keep in sterilised jars? Looks delicious! Also do you think it would be thick enough to use for sandwiching macarons, or should I use some gelatin?

  20. Pam Ryan says:

    I just returned from visiting my daughter in London. We took a trip to York. While there we had raspberry curd. I had never heard of it. It was WONDERFUL. I’m looking forward to trying your recipe.

  21. Your raspberry curd recipe is PERFECT. Many thanks. We made it over the weekend with great results. Love our Blog too. :-)

  22. Hi there, just wondering if you knew the approximate quantity of curd this makes. I’m baking two 8×8″ pans of cheesecake squares and want to top with this recipe, not sure if I should double the recipe. Thanks!

    • bigfatbaker says:

      It makes about 1 pint sized jar full. There maybe a little extra leftover depending on how much you want to taste test ;) I’d recommend doubling the recipe, that way you can have leftovers/thicker layers of curd if you want them. Hope that helps!

  23. Looks yummy can tell me the shelf life and should it be store in the fridge or can it stay out?


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