Compost Cookies {Milk Bar Monday 4/23}

What does the word compost usually make you think of?

Not cookies…right?

Well from now on, it should! Why? Because these are some of the best cookies out there.

Miss Tosi has done it again. Her wonderful book, Momofuku Milk Bar, constantly challenges my baking beliefs. I’m not sure if any one recipe has as much as this, though.

What kind of cookie have you ever tasted includes things like ground coffee, pretzels, potato chips, and butterscotch chips? Not to mention usual things butter, flour, oats, and chocolate chips.

compost cookie dough Compost Cookies {Milk Bar Monday 4/23}

Before you click away in disgust or give me the same doubtful look my mom did, hear me out! The coffee is subtle (even when I doubled the amount called for), the chips add some saltiness (otherwise you wouldn’t have known they were there), and the pretzels offer some body and crunch.

The best part of this recipe is it’s created for adaptations. It’s meant to use up the odds and ends in your cupboard. No chocolate chips? Use m&m’s instead. The possibilities are only as limited as your cupboard!

scooped dough Compost Cookies {Milk Bar Monday 4/23}

My notes on the recipe:

  1. Let the dough chill in the fridge for at least one hour. Like in the confetti cookies – this is an extremely important step! DO NOT SKIP IT.
  2. Try the original recipe at least one time before making adaptations. The flavors are really amazing together.
  3. Over baking the cookies made them really crunchy and perfect for dipping in milk, while a minute or 2 under baked was my idea of a perfect chewy cookie. (The darker cookies in the photos are the crunchier ones.)
finished cookeis Compost Cookies {Milk Bar Monday 4/23}

Go check out the recipe over at Krissy’s Creations!

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  1. They look lovely and I had so much fun making them, too! And yes to the chilling the dough part, 100% must-do!

    • bigfatbaker says:

      I can’t even imagine the crazy spreading madness that would ensue if one were to skip that step…!

  2. I’ll take a crunchy one please!

    Fabulous job, Erin!

  3. They look amazing, Erin! I love EVERYTHING about these cookies!

  4. They really are insane, huh? I under and overbaked some too, just to see the difference, and liked the softer ones better. So I crunched up the harder ones and stuck them in my freezer and they were INSANE sprinkled on a little homemade ice cream last night. LOVE this recipe.

    • bigfatbaker says:

      I liked the softer ones better too! I wish I wouldn’t have eaten all the crispy ones, I bet they were ah-mazing on ice cream!

  5. Yours look fantastic, Erin!!! I’d totally take a crunchy one :) I can’t wait to make these again with some other mix-ins!

  6. Mine needed a couple minutes less to be the right level of softness as well! (I’m starting to see a trend with these recipes and my hot-as-can-be oven.) I actually love these with a nice crispness around the edge. I’m glad a stashed a few in my purse today. :)

  7. Love the idea of a cookie that uses up all the leftover bags of stuff in my pantry!

  8. The batter doesn’t look pretty, but the cookie looks out of this world beautiful! What a creative and wonderful combination. I’ll take a compost cookie anyday!! Back to the batter, I bet it tastes good!!! I am such a raw cookie dough person, I’m horrible! I’m going to check out the recipe now!!

  9. These look amazing. I’m not usually a crispy cookie kinda girls, but I hear these actually taste amazing on the crispy side.

  10. Sounds and looks delicious!!! Yum!

  11. I love adding ground coffee to cookie dough. It flavors it so much more than instant espresso powder. I haven’t tried compost cookies yet; I’m intrigued by all the different add ins, though the potato chips initially made me raise my eyebrow. I bet I’d like it, though.


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