When it comes to baking, we all have our favorite recipes. Some of us like savories and some of us like sweets. Some of us like to experiment and do something new; some of us like to just follow a proven recipe.

If you think you’ve followed every recipe on the internet, you can discover many more recipes through various baking apps on the app store. Here are a few sample apps.

  • Baking Magazine App
  • Baking – Pies and Tarts
  • Baking at Home App
  • Baking Basics and Beyond App
  • Baking Step By Step Recipes

That’s all really great information to improve your backing skills and to discover new recipes. If you’d like to improve your efficiency, you can also download apps such as ‘Baking Converter’. These are especially helpful when you’re in the supermarket and trying to decide how much of quantity you should buy. You can also find apps that specialize in specific categories such as ‘Backing with Sourdough’.

Some of these apps are free and some of these apps are paid. So get your smartphone and search in the App Store for an app to suit your taste (no pun). If you can’t find the app, chances are there are many other people facing the problem. You can take the opportunity and create your own App by contacting an iphone app development company. Who knows, you might even earn a nice side-income by doing so.

After you’ve baked your favorite savory or cake, fire up Instagram and share it wit the world. You can also use other networks such as Facebook and Pinterest to share your favorites. These sites are free to use and it’s a very easy way to discover other people who have similar baking interests.

As with any other skill, the secret to baking perfection is doing it consistently. By every little mistake you make, you’ll learn how to become a better baker. Once you start doing it right every time, you can even contact your local bakers to become one of their part-time suppliers.

We are back!

I know it’s be a little while since I’ve posted …school tends to get in the way of blogging… but when I received an email from Audra asking us if we were ready to bring Christina Tosi back into our lives, I couldn’t resist.

As I’m sure you know by now, the Momofuku Milk Bar is one of my all time favorite cookbooks and the group we have created around it is totally awesome!

So I’m happy to say that we are back at it, and as a result you will have more wonderful Milk Bar recipes to taunt your tastebuds.

Jacqueline eased us back in with her recipe choice, Tosi’s take on a delicious Peanut Butter Cookie.
As it goes, Tosi couldn’t leave this as just any old cookie… So this peanut butter cookie is flaked with pulverized peanut brittle.

I was a little nervous about the brittle, but it is much easier than it seems so please DO NOT pass up these cookies because of the brittle! You can do it!
Here’s a little step by step of what my brittle making process looked like…

My final cookie product was delicious, but slightly over baked and ugly. My bad. 

The other girls said they had great success with their cookies, so I am bound & determined to try this one again.

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