Angel Food Cupcakes

One of my favorite store bough cakes when I was growing up was angel food cake.

Top it with a little fresh fruit or whipped cream, or even in a trifle it is just heavenly.

This recipe would be good made as a regular angel food cake in a tube pan or angel food cake pan. But I decided to go with regular old cupcakes.

angel food cupcakes Angel Food Cupcakes

Angel food cupcakes were the perfect single serving size. Good for an easy dessert or tasty snack.

One thing I would change about how I made my cupcakes is my preparedness. I did not have my little stands positioned the right distance apart and ended up smashed a few of my cupcakes.

angel food trifle Angel Food Cupcakes

Note: I made my trifle with 1 cupcake, 2 strawberries, a few spoonfuls of vanilla pudding and a mint garnish. It was tasty and super easy! [Read more...]

Pistachio Strawberry Cupcakes {Holiday Recipe Club 3/15}

It’s time for another edition of Holiday Recipe Club! Today’s theme is St. Patrick’s Day. The required ingredients for this hop included potatoes, pistachios and beer! Want to join the fun? Contact me here!

As I said, this hop’s theme is St. Patrick’s Day.

A few people jumped the gun and helped me pick the ingredients. It was so nice to have the suggestions! Keep them coming!

We ended up with potatoes and beer – to keep it Irish – and pistachios for something green.

ground pisatchios  Pistachio Strawberry Cupcakes {Holiday Recipe Club 3/15}

There were a lot of inspiring Pinterest boards…it was hard to decide on anything.

I was tempted to go crazy with something like green beer, but I couldn’t resist a cupcake recipe.

pistachios and strawberries  200x300 Pistachio Strawberry Cupcakes {Holiday Recipe Club 3/15}    finished cupcakes 200x300 Pistachio Strawberry Cupcakes {Holiday Recipe Club 3/15}    frosted cupcake 200x300 Pistachio Strawberry Cupcakes {Holiday Recipe Club 3/15}

These cupcakes are dense and reminiscent of muffins. The strawberry swiss meringue buttercream is not at all necessary, but a good way to sweeten the cake.

It’s also a great recipe to welcome spring!

What are your plans for St. Patrick’s Day?

[Read more...]

Red Wine Cupcakes {Holiday Recipe Club}

This is the fourth installment for the Holiday Recipe Club. Interested in joining? Contact me here! For this post we were all required to use wines, mascarpone or white chocolate.

This round of holiday recipes was intended to be New Year’s focused. And what is New Year’s Eve with out  a little decadence?

So after thinking about which ingredient I wanted to use and what I might want to make, I decided on red wine cupcakes.

My appreciation for wine has grown over the past few months and I was happy I had found a way to incorporate it into something baked.

I made cupcakes because I thought they would be easy, and not too time consuming before heading to a NYE party. (To make it even easier, make mini cupcakes!)

red wine cupcake w letters Red Wine Cupcakes {Holiday Recipe Club}

I made a dozen medium sized cupcakes and found the flavor to be too much for a cupcake of that size. Mini cupcakes are the way to go. 

When you are shopping for a wine to use for your cupcakes I recommend you pick something you would normally enjoy drinking.

I used a wine I didn’t like very much and wasn’t happy with my cupcakes. Next time I make these I plan on using a Zinfandel or Petite Shiraz. [Read more...]

Pumpkin Cupcakes + Dulce de Leche Frosting

I know it’s getting to be that time in November when pumpkin recipes come in all forms.

A few of my favorites have been this pumpkin apple soup, white chocolate pumpkin cups, pumpkin waffles with cream cheese syrup, skinny pumpkin pie cups, and mini pumpkin bundts.

It’s pumpkin recipe war out there!

So, to stay in the pumpkin mood I have a super simple pumpkin cupcake recipe for you from Annie’s Eats.

The cupcake is very light, moist, and so tender. Melt-in-your-mouth tender.

While the pumpkin recipe is absolutely fabulous, the dulce de leche frosting steals the show. [Read more...]

Almond Joy Cupcakes

As you know, I love coconut.

I can not think of a reason as to why someone wouldn’t like coconut. You can have it at anytime of the day! Besides the flesh, you can find coconut milk, oil, water, cream, pastries, and candy.

One of the better known coconut candies is the almond joy. An almond joy consists of a sticky sweet coconut mixture, with an almond placed on top, and then the whole thing is covered in chocolate.

I love both almond joys, and mounds. Something about the coconut and chocolate together is irresistible.

I thought about how to recreate this delectable candy… I wanted to make a cupcake that was like an almond joy, but not as sweet. And I didn’t want this to be a wimpy cupcake, I wanted something big and full of flavor. I decided to go with an almond cupcake.

top view huge cupcake Almond Joy Cupcakes

Side note: I’ve been on a bit of an almond kick ever since I made the frosting for the pink velvet cheesecake.

And for the frosting, chocolate of course! But, I added a little coconut extract to boost the almond joy factor.

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I decided to use some pretty flower cupcake wrappers that I picked up at The Wal. My boyfriend, said they make the cupcakes taste better. I also made some mini cupcakes, and I used the same cupcake wrappers as the ones in the BFB Giveaway! They are so adorable!! [Read more...]