Birthday Layer Cake {Milk Bar Monday 6/18}

Hello everyone! I hope you have been enjoying the guest post recipes this week. I know I have!

Today we are taking a little break… I am back at it with our next Milk Bar Monday installment! Our host for today was Audra and she chose the Birthday Layer Cake.

Christina Tosi’s goal with this recipe was to recreate the funfetti boxed cake mix flavors in her own way.

slice 2 Birthday Layer Cake {Milk Bar Monday 6/18}

The bf & I thought her recipe was spot on. We both loved the cake crumb layers in with the frosting layers. It reminded me of when I used to get the crunch layer in my DQ ice cream cake.

Compared to some of our past recipes I thought this was a relatively easy one. I was able to get it all done in one go and freeze it overnight.

You can easily make this at home (with the help of a cake ring) and impress your loved ones on their next birthday.

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whole cake Birthday Layer Cake {Milk Bar Monday 6/18}

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Get the full recipe over at Audra’s site, The Baker Chick.

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  1. Your cake came out perfect Erin! Beautiful!

  2. What a beautiful cake. No wonder you loved it!

  3. The crunchy layer on ice cream cakes were my favorite part! This looks quite fun. ^_^

  4. Sorry that I couldn’t get things together in time to post with you all…this cake looks amazing. And good to hear it’s not that hard. I guess you’re faster than me…ALL her recipes take me forever!

  5. Oh my Gosh! I am loving your Milk Bar Monday’s! This looks amazing, amazing, amazing!!

  6. I am in love with this cake. Yours looks wonderful Erin!

  7. Gorgeous, Erin! Your cake turned out perfect! I love how thick you got your frosting layers! I really think this tasted just like a funfetti box mix too!

  8. That cake looks amazing! All the layers and the frosting just sound incredible!

  9. I agree, she was totally spot on!

  10. Erin your cake turned out beautifully! I love how even and perfect your layers look, that is my biggest struggle with these layer cakes. I hope you’re having an amazing time in Croatia!! xo

  11. That’s beautiful. Also, I kinda wanna eat it right now!

  12. The first “love, love, love” from “All You Need is Love” popped into my head when I jumped on your page. I”m now serenading this cake. Love, love, love….

  13. Woah! You’re cake is GORGEOUS, Erin! I agree that this recipe produced spot-on results. This one was a true MB winner!! :)

  14. This just takes my breath away. Fantastic!


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