Cheesecake Bars

Like usual I am late to the holiday posting party. But that’s alright, because this recipe is tasty for anytime of the year.

I was originally inspired to make organic cheesecake bars from the summer berry stack that we sell at work. But the summer berry stack is heavy, and overly sweet. And definitely not organic. With it being summer/bathing suit season I figured I needed to lighten these up a bit. Not everyone wants a cheesecake bar the size of a slice of cheesecake.

I decided to make my cheesecake bars thin, and swirled them with two different berry purees. To, you know, give them vitamins and make them healthy…

more berries 1024x682 Cheesecake Bars

I used organic raspberry and blueberry puree to make my bars festive. But don’t be scared, you can use what ever fruit is in season or no fruit at all. These cheesecake bars are very versatile.

The recipe makes about 12 decent sized squares. If you are looking to feed a crowd I recommend making 2 batches of the cheesecake bars.

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  1. Oh that sounds wonderful, love the idea of a cheesecake bar, and with fruits like that less guilty to enjoy!

  2. This sounds wonderful, and something that I would enjoy!!!

  3. Reading to bake it until it’s no longer jiggly reminds me of Nigella Lawson’s advice on cheesecake. Take it out when there’s just a hint of inner thigh wibble.

    For me, that could end up very undercooked. :)

    Lovely bars!

  4. I love cheesecake bars! And these look so good! Don’t worry about being late to the holiday party, I forgot my own blogoversary!

  5. I’ll just say “oh my God. Yummy!!” and leave it at that. :-D

  6. This sounds like a great recipe, thanks for sharing! Love the berry addition! Happy Baking!

  7. Your organic cheesecake bars sound delicious, especially with the berries. Fantastic, Erin.

  8. I can only imagine how awesome the final product ended up =)

  9. Ooo I love cheesecake and these look perfect! Can’t wait to try these myself :)

  10. It has fruit on it, which automatically makes it healthy, right??! ;)

  11. It has fruit and cheese! Two food groups! So healthy

  12. These sound great! Late or not, they are great for the fresh fruit of summer!

  13. The puree would make such a tasty swirl. What a great recipe.

  14. Love the look of your swirls! Beautiful, Erin!

  15. Oh Erin
    I wish you lived closer to me but it is prob a good thing you don’t. I would end up weighing 600 lbs and would need a crane to get me out of bed. This recipe looks absolutely delish.


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