Happy Monday! The Milk Bar Monday ladies are back at it this week and have a special recipe for you (and our last Milk Bar cookie recipe!) the blueberries and cream cookies.

I first tried the blueberries and cream cookie when I was in NYC in September. I dragged my family to the location in midtown to fulfill my Milk Bar dreams.

While in the actual store I decided to make it worth my while. I got one of each cookie available (the blueberries & cream, compost, corn, and cornflake), a slice of crack pie and a cup of the kaffir lime and caramel soft serve… I wasn’t holding anything back.

I was excited to see what Christina’s cookies were like, especially the blueberries & cream one. Honestly, I wasn’t crazy about it. And that turned out to be what the entire family thought.

The MBM ladies and I had a similar discussion over email about our favorite cookies. Some favored the chocolate, some the corn, and others voted for the compost. I think my absolute favorite cookies we’ve made from the book are the corn, chocolate and cornflake-marshmallow.

I thought the homemade blueberries & cream cookies were much better than the ones I bought in NYC. Maybe it was because I added extra milk crumbs, or maybe because I was able to make them crunchy around the edges. Or maybe the one I bought had been sitting around for a few days. Either way I was happy with my results.

A few notes on my process:

I made these when I visited my home this weekend which meant 2 things. 1 – I wasn’t able to use bread flour. 2 – I was able to bake in a convection oven.

The bread flour would have probably made a slight difference in the texture of the cookie, but I think you could use either type of flour and be ok. And the convection oven my mom has always bakes cookies more evenly than my apartment oven.

I ended up using blueberry flavored crasins because my local grocery didn’t have dried blueberries … and I wasn’t in the mood to hunt for them. The cranberries were super tasty leading me to believe you could sub almost any dried fruit. I think strawberries or cherries would be fabulous.

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