Stress Management Foods from Sam at The Little Ferraro Kitchen

Hi friends! Today I have Samantha from The Little Ferraro Kitchen to share some of the foods she uses to help curb her stress. Sam is a lovely person and I can totally relate to everything she says in her post and I hope you can too icon smile Stress Management Foods from Sam at The Little Ferraro Kitchen Enjoy!

Hello BigFatBaker readers. I am so excited to be helping Erin out today. When Erin asked me to offer up some advice on coping with food and stress, I was more than delighted.

See, Erin and I are in the same boat. We are both full-time college students and both working through our Junior year.

Finals are not too far away and the stressors of maintaining a successful transcript haunt us every time we take a test. Internships and part-time jobs are thrown in the mix. Social lives and relationships are put on hold, and learning to deal with everything is a headache in itself.

When I started this semester, I was on a mission for a “healthier-me”, it’s a constant mission really.

QuinoaBeauty Stress Management Foods from Sam at The Little Ferraro Kitchen

A few months prior, I was dealing with depression, stress, anxiety and doubt. I didn’t want to start a new semester with these raw feelings and therefore made it my goal to create energy packed foods to brighten my day.

I read a saying recently that said “Food doesn’t hug you” and I couldn’t DIS-agree more. Food hugs you visually and emotionally.

A stroll through the local farmers market is a weekend necessity. I watch and talk to the local vendors and farmers and awe at their beautiful edible works of art. Food hugs me.

KaleSalad Stress Management Foods from Sam at The Little Ferraro Kitchen

I also wanted to consult someone on a more professional scale. John, a Certified Personal Trainer and senior majoring in Nutrition offered a few words of encouragement and illustrates the linkage between food and hormones.

“Stressful eating is a bad habit that can be made a little better if the right foods are chosen. Certain foods trigger certain hormones in the body that will directly influence our emotions and attitude.

Choosing foods that are healthy and that positively influence us when we are stressed, will help during stressful times. For example, sugar releases glucocorticoid, a hormone that decreases the level of stress by relieving anxiety.

Also, a glass of milk contains tryptophan, which is turned into serotonin, a sleep-inducing hormone in the body, which helps release stress.”

So don’t allow food to control you. Eat to live. Savor each bite, enjoy the moment and know that this stress will not last forever.

Thank you Sam for the lovely energy packed foods and tips on which foods to choose from John! I definitely want to go grab a glass of milk now! icon smile Stress Management Foods from Sam at The Little Ferraro Kitchen

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  1. I’m loving this series, Erin!!

  2. Food hugs me too! I get so excited when I’m at farmers markets. When I was in college, I cooked to relieve stress too. Now I didn’t eat healthy or anything though. Great that you are doing that!

  3. I’m a huge fan of Sam’s so had to stop by. I find this so interesting. We’ve dealt with so much stress over the last couple of years and I know certain foods just trigger emotions I don’t want. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    • bigfatbaker says:

      I had always thought food only triggered emotions I don’t want. I was so happy to see otherwise in Sam’s post :) Thank you for stopping by!

  4. You both are so wonderful, this is a lovely post.

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