How to Make a Gingerbread House: Part 1

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I recently received one of my Christmas presents early! It was a stand mixer from my aunt Lizzy. I am so excited to have a new mixing option, I was worried my hand mixer wasn’t going to last much longer. Thanks Lizzy!

With the mixer came every single attachment, a sushi roller, a pasta machine, a sausage maker…random things here and there, and a Pampered Chef Gingerbread House ceramic cookie mold. I was immediately intrigued by the gingerbread house kit.

the recipe How to Make a Gingerbread House: Part 1

I remember making gingerbread houses when I was younger. Frosting and candy seemed endless. What could be better?

But the gingerbread houses I remember making were the pre-made type from a kit, not homemade ones. My aunt said I had used it when I was a wee one, but I have no memory of it.

molasses pour How to Make a Gingerbread House: Part 1

When I found out my boyfriend had never made a gingerbread house before (not even the ones from the kit!) I decided to make one asap.

The Pampered Chef Gingerbread House kit came with a recipe to make gingerbread, so that’s the one I used. I’m glad I did, I got a ton of compliments on how tasty the actual gingerbread was. I was happy to hear it wasn’t all about the candy and frosting!

finished baking How to Make a Gingerbread House: Part 1

The great thing about this gingerbread is that it’s super easy.

The recipe makes plenty for the amount needed for the cookie mold, so you could probably make an army of gingerbread men with this recipe! The gingerbread kept very well and didn’t dry out, even after 2 days of sitting out and being partially eaten.

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  1. Erin brought a Gingerbread house to my son Tyler & his Girlfriend Krista as a gift. I was lucky enough to get to taste it . It was Awsome and sooo Cute. It makes a Gr8 hostess gift.
    Thanks Erin

  2. U R welcome. I am so happy that U are able to have fun with the GB house mold. I can’t wait to see part 2 and the finished product

  3. what a great gift! I can’t wait to see your house finished!!

  4. Hello,

    The picture of the baked Gingerbread Mold pieces look exactly like my mold. However, the original recipe called for margarine. And it said specifically not to use butter.

    I started putting them together with the icing but soon found that my hot glue gun worked much better and the gifted houses lasted for several years if kept in a dry area.

    When I used butter the hot glue just didn’t cut the mustard. I don’t know if just substituting margarine will work. The newer recipe had more ingredients then the recipe I had.

    would you be able to help me out?

    I appreciate your help!

    Deb Kaelin

    • bigfatbaker says:

      I am not sure why it would say not to use butter… I have the pampered chef mold and it came with a recipes recommended to use, so that’s what I ended up doing. It turned out very hard and sturdy, then I used royal icing to keep the pieces together. Maybe try a few different things and see what’s best for you?


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