Baked Brownie Mix Review

A little over a month ago I was the lucky winner of a giveaway.

Not Rachael Ray gave away the Baked Explorations cookbook and brownie mix. I was so excited to win, I had been wanting the Baked Explorations cookbook forever.

I received my package during all of the cookieswap madness so I decided to wait to make the brownies until after I got back from winter break.

The chocolate craving hit me one day when I was in class. While I was walking home in the snow I tried to think of what to make, then remembered this brownie mix.

It’s really hard to avoid warm fudgey brownies on a cold snowy day.

The box contained a packet of chocolate chips and a dry mix, and the instructions were simple.

2 brownies Baked Brownie Mix Review

Basically melt the butter and chocolate chips together. Add the eggs and mix it all up.

It took about 10 minutes to melt and mix everything, pour it in the pan and put it in the oven.

After they are done, the hardest part is waiting. I broke after 30 minutes and ate a corner piece. Amazing.

You want these brownies!

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  1. They are brownies – how could I not want them!! I am a sucker for brownies of any kind. These look thick and fudgy – my favorite!

  2. They look delish!!!

  3. That looks like one amazing brownie!

  4. They look so rich and wonderful!

  5. fudgy brownie heaven.. nothing better ever I don’t think. well, it might be if there was home made vanilla bean ice cream with it but only then. They look wonderful! Congrats on the prize. Lucky stiff!

  6. I’ve made these brownies from scratch and they were amazing. Must be nice to have gotten a mix… simplifies things a lot :) They look scrumptious! And gratz on getting the cookbook!

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