Happy Monday! The Milk Bar Monday ladies are back at it this week and have a special recipe for you (and our last Milk Bar cookie recipe!) the blueberries and cream cookies.

I first tried the blueberries and cream cookie when I was in NYC in September. I dragged my family to the location in midtown to fulfill my Milk Bar dreams.

While in the actual store I decided to make it worth my while. I got one of each cookie available (the blueberries & cream, compost, corn, and cornflake), a slice of crack pie and a cup of the kaffir lime and caramel soft serve… I wasn’t holding anything back.

I was excited to see what Christina’s cookies were like, especially the blueberries & cream one. Honestly, I wasn’t crazy about it. And that turned out to be what the entire family thought.

The MBM ladies and I had a similar discussion over email about our favorite cookies. Some favored the chocolate, some the corn, and others voted for the compost. I think my absolute favorite cookies we’ve made from the book are the corn, chocolate and cornflake-marshmallow.

I thought the homemade blueberries & cream cookies were much better than the ones I bought in NYC. Maybe it was because I added extra milk crumbs, or maybe because I was able to make them crunchy around the edges. Or maybe the one I bought had been sitting around for a few days. Either way I was happy with my results.

A few notes on my process:

I made these when I visited my home this weekend which meant 2 things. 1 – I wasn’t able to use bread flour. 2 – I was able to bake in a convection oven.

The bread flour would have probably made a slight difference in the texture of the cookie, but I think you could use either type of flour and be ok. And the convection oven my mom has always bakes cookies more evenly than my apartment oven.

I ended up using blueberry flavored crasins because my local grocery didn’t have dried blueberries … and I wasn’t in the mood to hunt for them. The cranberries were super tasty leading me to believe you could sub almost any dried fruit. I think strawberries or cherries would be fabulous.

Hello everyone! Today I have my friend Addie here with a delicious guest post. Don’t forget to stop by her site, Culicurious.com to check out what I made for her! -BFB

Hi, my name is Addie Martin, and I’m the creative force behind Culicurious, a blog based on table-centered living. My main focus is recipes, but I also blog about restaurant, bar and travel experiences plus a little gardening. I’m thrilled to be here today sharing a recipe with all of you here at Big Fat Baker.

Since the new year’s upon us, many people have resolutions to eat better. I know that’s a constant goal of mine and something I am able to stick to pretty well…. most of the time! But every once in a while you need a break, an indulgence of sorts.

This recipe aims to fill that void – a strawberry shortcake made with minimal sugar and whole wheat pastry flour. Plus it’s topped with a fresh basil whipped cream. It’s sweet and rich without being “bad for you.”

Let’s run through the ingredients and techniques and then get to the recipe. My favorite part about this dessert is the fresh strawberries. I live in South Louisiana and we’re already getting beautiful, sweet strawberries this season.

Louisiana’s temperate winter climate makes for perfect strawberry growing weather. Our strawberry season starts in late December and runs through the spring, around April to May. After that, it’s much too hot for the little beauties and we move into blueberry and blackberry seasons.

When strawberries are fresh and ripe, very little sugar needs to be added. My recipe here calls for only two tablespoons of sugar to be added to the berries. If you’re using under-ripe berries, you may need more sugar to impart the right level of sweetness.

The berries pictured above were sweet and delightful – hardly any sugar was needed. Besides sweetening, the sugar also acts to soften the berry and produce a sauce by coaxing liquid from the berry.

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